Start a Club

So you want to start a minds matter club at your school? We’re pumped!

We are accepting club applications on a rolling basis from schools located in the fairfax county, montgomery county, and district of columbia public school districts and any school in the dmv

action items to start a club:

To be eligible to start a club, a school must agree to:

  1. Have at least one club sponsor with a background or training in mental health
  2. Have at least two club leaders, one of which is not a senior
  3. Have at least one club leader attend each quarterly student leadership training
  4. Use the Sign-In Form every meeting to take attendance
  5. Host at least 4 club meetings over the course of a semester

If you have any questions, about our club eligibility requirements, please email [email protected].

  • An ideal club sponsor would be your school’s psychologist, social worker, counselor or teacher. 
  • The staff preferably has some mental health training, is passionate about supporting students and is approachable. 
  • More the merrier! If you have multiple school staff interested in supporting the club, that’s great.

  • Club leaders should be passionate about mental health, open-minded to diverse thinking and perspectives, and dedicated to making mental health a priority. 
  • We recommend identifying at least 2-3 club leaders to launch a club.
  • View a list of sample officer roles.

  • Get approval from the school’s Activities Office to start the club.
    • If you are in the FCPS system, use this template for the application.
    • You might have to fill out a Constitution for your club. See a sample one here.
  • Once you have identified one or more club sponsors and student leaders, submit the OMM application form.

What happens after I submit my application? 

    • Once we have received your application form, we will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your application and ask that you schedule a meeting with us within two weeks.
    • This meeting will provide us with the opportunity to give insight into resources and logistics to be able to launch your club. 
    • This is the last step of the formal club application process. Once you complete this step you’ll gain access to the bank of over 70+ club activities, leadership templates, and more!!

What can I do while I wait to be an official OMM club?