So you want to start a Minds matter club at your school? GREAT! here are a few pointers to get you started:


1. find staff interested and available to sponsor the club

  • Having 2 or 3 co-sponsors is helpful
  • One of the co-sponsors must be a faculty staff in student services (i.e. counselor), administration or be a school psychologist or school social worker

2. find students who are interested and available to lead the club

3. fill out the necessary paperwork to make your club official!

  • Get approval from the school’s Activities Office to start the club
    • If you are in the FCPS system, use this template for the application
    • You might have to fill out a Constitution for your club. See a sample one here
  • Submit the JAF application form online

4. Once we have received your application form, you are officially a minds matter club!

  • We’ll then be in touch with you discuss next steps and to provide support

5. hold an interest  meeting

  • Advertise the date/time/location of the “Interest Meeting”
    • Example – on the school’s broadcast news show, hang flyers around the school (Flyers need to be approved by the school’s Activities Office), social media, etc.
    • Collect names and email addresses of students who attend with this sign up sheet

6. continue to find more interested students to join the club

  • Participate in middle schools’ “Activity Fairs”
  • Participate in your high school’s “Activity Fairs” (e.g., back-to-school kick-offs)
  • For more ideas on how to promote your club, see Club Promoting Tips here