student voices

Students share why they love OMM and the impact it’s made in their lives.

student perspective

“I think that in the beginning when this [pandemic] started what helped me so much is the support that OMM was giving through Wellness Wednesday. I don’t think I’ve expressed this before but having that hour or so to talk about mental health and other things helped me understand myself better, it helped me in ways I can’t even describe. It was the best part of my week and I’m just so grateful that OMM offers those services.”

– Jimmy, Co-Founder of Atom Minds Matter

club sponsor perspective

“From a school-based professional, OMM made it seem so effortless and they didn’t skip a beat. It was like the pandemic hit and the school shut down and before I knew it they were holding virtual meetings, Wellness Wednesdays. I was really impressed with how quickly they facilitated that. Being a co-sponsor and seeing how OMM works in person it still felt like it met the same goals. Students were still engaged, communicating, and sharing and even though it was online, it was still very meaningful.”

-Diane Ross, School Psychologist

dedicated support staff

OMM staff supports clubs every step of the way! We provide custom club recommendations, monthly check-in meetings, site-visits, and more.

Network of connected clubs

Schools with OMM clubs join a vast network of clubs to share ideas and inspiration. Student leaders and members are able to collaborate on various platforms like social media and group chats to share best practices and lessons learned. Additionally, clubs are invited to quarterly leadership trainings, celebration socials, and internship opportunities.

club resources

All OMM clubs gain access to a club portal that houses 75+ mental health activities, leadership planning templates, recruitment strategies and MORE. Plus the portal is updated on an annual basis in collaboration with OMM students to make the tools relevant, useful and student-friendly.