about us 

Who We Are

A student-led movement working toward a day when no teen dies by suicide.

Where We Are

We have a nationwide presence, with a strong foothold in the DC Metro Area, where 70% of schools in the OMM network are located.

where we are


The Our Minds Matter program is a student-led club model in which teens are trained and empowered to promote school-wide social connectedness, to encourage help-seeking behavior and to develop coping skills via youth-led activities. Upon a club’s launch, OMM staff equip student leaders with training and resources so they can take full ownership of their club. Our Minds Matter works to instill holistic growth in students, so they are stronger not only mentally but also as leaders and changemakers in their community.


Our Minds Matter is an upstream suicide prevention model based on resiliency research and the power of peer-to-peer influence amongst adolescents. OMM took priorities from the Jed Foundation’s Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention to inform the curriculum development to be suitable for a high school audience. Additionally, OMM curriculum addresses the CASEL Core SEL competencies: self-management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills. If you’re interested in offering Our Minds matter programming in compliment to your current SEL curriculum for grades 8-12 read more here.

dedicated to impact

OMM supports each club every step of the way. We recognize that each school is different and thus we provide dedicated support staff. Our staff will learn about your school’s needs through site-visits, monthly check-ins, and office hours for a club’s leadership team.

Each OMM club has access to a club portal that houses 75+ mental health activities, leadership planning templates, recruitment strategies and MORE. Plus the portal is updated on a regular basis in collaboration with OMM students to make the tools relevant, useful and student-friendly.

encourage self-care and healthy habits

How we take care of our bodies and minds affects how we feel. OMM clubs will experiment with techniques to reduce stress and maintain a positive self-image. The goal is for students to be mindful of their current wellbeing, take time for self-care and to resort to healthy coping mechanisms when faced with challenges.

promote social connectedness

A system of support is vital to maintaining our mental wellness because we can’t always do it alone. OMM clubs will learn the importance of fostering relationships with friends, family and even pets to lean on in times of struggle. OMM also encourages the school community to be supportive and understand how to promote student wellness.

increase prosocial skills

Equipping teens with skills to provide appropriate peer to peer support is essential since teens are more likely to first approach their friends rather than adults or professionals when experiencing life challenges. Additionally, engaging in prosocial behaviors has been proven to boost overall well-being. OMM club members will learn various skills to be able to support their peers, know when to get an adult for help and how to promote a culture of kindness in their school community.

increase help-seeking behavior

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet teens often don’t seek the help they need because of shame, stigma, fear of judgement and not knowing where to turn. OMM clubs aim to spread messages that encourage students to seek help when stress or mental health challenges become overwhelming.