during each club meeting:

1. Have all students use the sign-in form to take meeting attendance

taking meeting attendance with the Sign-In Form allows OMM to know that clubs are hosting meetings and provides club with a record of students who attend club meetings in a club’s Attendance Tracker

2. Conduct an opening connection to foster social connection

start a meeting with an opening connection to get to know each other and to gain insight into a club’s wellness

3. Lead an OMM activity to learn about mental health 

OMM activities allow students to learn about mental health resources, coping skills, healthy habits, self-care, advocacy and much more

4. Conduct a mindful closing to practice mindfulness

a mindful closing is a group mindfulness practice to ground students at the end of a club meeting

5. Prepare any announcements and resources for students

provide students with details about upcoming meetings, events, and of course, mental health resources

curious about prep before a club meeting? click here for resources specific to prepare for your next meeting.
want to continue the dialogue even after a club meeting? click here for follow up items to a club meeting.