School-Wide Resource Scavenger Hunt

Colonel Minds Matter from Magruder High School in Derwood, MD developed the Resource Scavenger Hunt activity into a week-long school-wide campaign. As the club was drumming up some ideas to get the student body more involved with Colonel Minds Matter (CMM), a student leader suggested a scavenger hunt since they enjoyed doing them when they were young.

The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to get students around the school building to interact with other students and to identify teachers as trusted adults. Word got out about the campaign via email, posters, and the morning announcements. Each day over the course of a week, students could find a set of clues on CMM’s social media page which would lead to a specific teacher or trusted adult. Thanks to funding from the SGA and a fundraiser at a local restaurant, Colonel Minds Matter was able to provide prizes to winners who found all of the trusted adults.

A student leader shared, “it was really enjoyable to see students at Magruder so involved with our activities and overall having fun. It was such an experience working with the CMM president/leaders, counselors, and others to create this activity.”

What a creative way to foster a stronger connection between students and school staff on a large scale. Follow Colonel Minds Matter on social media @colonelmindsmatter to see more of what they are up to!

[Image descriptions from top to bottom: student in red and gray sweatshirt holding blue paper with multi colored stickers to denote clues found, two students holding up a clue on the left and clues found with multi colored stickers on the right]