• Students will identify and locate trusted adults in their school
  • Students will feel more connected to the trusted adults in their school, as they learn more about the trusted adult.

Prior to the club meeting, student leaders (or club members at a previous meeting) should identify trusted adults in their building. If you want to consult with club members on which trusted adults to interview, you can send out a google form to poll members before the meeting.

The goal is to identify at least one adult per department. Ask each identified trusted adult to complete the About Me sheet and post it on his or her door the day of the scavenger hunt.

Using information collected on the About Me sheets, edit the Scavenger Hunt sheet. Include one clue per trusted adult.


Day of the scavenger hunt, decide, as a group, to complete the scavenger hunt in teams or as individuals.  Provide each person or team with the Scavenger Hunt sheet personalized for your school. Set a time limit of 8-12 minutes depending on the number of trusted adults in the school.  Have students disperse throughout the school looking to match the clue with the correct trusted adult.  Remind students that the answers are on the About Me sheets on the trusted adult’s door.

Once everyone returns, determine a winner (fastest or most correct). Award the winning person or team with a prize, either a piece of candy, a recognition certificate, or a round of applause.



  • Did any of the people on the list of trusted adults surprise you?
  • Does knowing that the trusted adults were student nominated make you more likely to approach them if you have a concern?
  • Does knowing more personal information about the trusted adult, make it easier to approach them if you have a concern? Why or why not?
  • What else would help make it easier to approach an adult in your school of you have a concern?