Operation Beautiful is a GO!

“Take what you need and give what you can” was the motto for students at New Foundations Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. Members of NFCS Minds Matter decided to spread kindness across the school by creating positive messages on post-it notes through a project called Operation Beautiful.

“Virtual learning has taken an emotional toll on our student body. Now that we are back in person this school year the club wanted our students and staff to know that they are not alone,” says the club sponsor. “The project provided a sense of togetherness which we all needed after having to quarantine for what seemed like years.”

Fostering connection after virtual learning can be challenging, and we’re proud of NFCS Minds Matter for taking the initiative to center kindness and compassion in their school.

Operation Beautiful is a great way to add more warmth to your school’s environment. Need more inspiration? Check out some of our other Kindness Challenges.

[First Image Description: Blue decorated bulletin board titled “Operation Beautiful” with sections titled “Take What You Need” and “Give What You Can” with a collection of affirming student-written post-it notes. The text of individual sticky notes is unreadable.]

[Second Image Description: NFCS Minds Matter club members proudly posing in front of their Operation Beautiful bulletin board.]