How do I incorporate kindness challenges into OMM meetings?

At the end of each meeting, the meeting leader will choose a kindness challenge to implement in your school. This can be done by club vote or by self-choice.  The goal is to practice kindness every day. There are so many benefits of being kind, but it starts with you, and it’s not always easy. The good news is, it’s contagious!

How do OMM members remember their challenges or how are members accountable for practicing the kindness challenges?

Have members write down their challenge on a sticky note and stick in on their laptop, book, or phone. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. If you decide to self select what challenge you practice you could have members write it down on a sticky note with their name and display it on a poster sheet until the next meeting. 

When do we discuss the last meeting’s kindness challenge?

At the beginning of each meeting, take 5 – 10 minutes to discuss how the last meeting’s challenge went. Below are some sample questions you may ask. Your discussions will evolve over time and the conversation will naturally be less structured.

  • Was it awkward the first few times you enacted the challenge?
  • Did it get easier?
  • What kind of reactions did you get? – remember often times people don’t immediately know how to respond to genuine kindness.
  • Did you feel better after having been deliberately kind?
  • Do you think you made a connection with anyone?

Kindness is about being generous with your time and with compliments, being respectful, being compassionate, and generally having concern for others. Remember, being kind is not the sign of a ‘soft’ or weak leader – it is a sign of strength. 

  • Review kindness challenge 101 for ideas on how to incorporate a kindness challenge into your meeting.
  • Refer to the Kindness Challenge Bank to identify kindness challenges to promote at your club meeting.
  • Communicate some of the Benefits of Kindness to motivate members to give the challenge a try.
  • Determine an accountability or discussion plan to follow the challenge.

  • Plan a time to discuss how the challenge went at your next club meeting, over a group chat, or on social media as a way to hold one another accountable.