If for any reason, you do NOT want your child to participate in the study described below, please complete the opt-out form.

If you have no objections to your child participating in this study, then you do not have to submit the form.

Your student is involved in the Our Minds Matter (OMM) club at their school, a student-focused club that promotes students’ mental health and social connectedness. As we aim to better understand the strengths and areas for improvement with our programming, we are partnering with Dr. Jordan Booker, a researcher in psychological science at the University of Missouri, and we would like to invite your child to participate in a short research study about how students’ values, goals, and skills may change over time, as they participate in OMM clubs. 

The title of this project is Our Minds Matter Club Surveys – Academic Year 2022-2023 

This is a set of short, online survey, asking your child about different values and characteristics that might be relevant to their experiences in their OMM club and other aspects of daily life. This study will be completed in over two time points, with online surveys collected in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. 

If you consent to your child participating and if your child chooses to participate, they will be presented with a set of questions that should take about 10-15 minutes to complete online. However, there is no time limit on the questions. We ask that participants be able to read English comfortably to participate. No invasive or legal questions will be asked, and no questions are meant to cause discomfort to your child. Your child will not be directly paid for taking part in this study. We will hold a raffle for any clubs that have students participating in the survey. Five OMM clubs will be randomly selected to receive an additional $100 in programming funds for different events. 

As a participant, you and your child will be able to review a full set of information about the study procedures before choosing whether they would like to participate.

If you have questions about this research study, you can reach out to Dr. Booker at [email protected] or the OMM Director of Impact, Dr. G Wei Ng at [email protected]