all student leaders are expected to act as ambassadors of the club by effectively communicating the purpose of Our minds matter. As student leaders you should consistently and actively recruit new members from all grade levels and provide club administrative support when needed.

  • volunteer at club activity fairs and other related events
  • consider and identify possible successors, i.e. next year leaders
  • be involved with and help promote events from the club calendar
  • promote monthly themes throughout the school and encourage club members to do the same
  • create and distribute posters/handouts to advertise club meetings and/or activities

Primary roles and descriptions

President responsibilities:

  • create a club calendar with other student leaders at the beginning of the school year with designated “events” to be implemented throughout the year
  • co-lead the activities during each club meeting
    • meet with club sponsor prior to the meeting to prepare and discuss the chosen activity
  • try to involve all club members in meeting activities/discussions
  • send email or preferred in-club communication of upcoming meetings/activities

vice president responsibilities:

  • co-lead the activities during club meetings
    • join president in meeting with club sponsor prior to the meeting to discuss what activities will be utilized in the meeting
  • maintain open line of communication with OMM program coordinator
  • manage student leadership election process in the spring and complete online submission form to JAF before year end
  • oversee and assist with secretarial duties as needed

Secretary responsibilities:

  • support the fellow leaders in preparing for club meetings
  • organize supplies for meeting if needed
  • create and maintain an accurate club member directory with names, emails, and phone numbers by having all meeting participants use the sign-in at the beginning of every meeting

Treasurer responsibilities:

  • oversee club fundraising activities
    • talk to the school’s finance officer about opening a club account, if the club will be raising money and using club funds to pay for materials and activities
  • work closely with club sponsor and other leadership and keep informed of financial situation

social media representative responsibilities:

  • maintain an active club presence on OMM social media pages
  • post regularly using appropriate hashtags and handles
  • request permission before tagging anyone in photos