• To identify behaviors that can help you when struggling
  • To identify people you can talk to when struggling
  • To learn about additional resources available

  • Decide to pass out self-care cards prior to reading the script or after*
  • Read the following facilitation script

Push chair under the table, stand behind chair & rest your hands at the top of your chair. Lower your head and close your eyes or soften your gaze.

Take 5 breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth.

Now close your eyes or soften your gaze. I want you to bring…

  • Your biggest stressors in life right now to mind  [pause]
    • Your stressors could be school, family, your mental health, tests, a relationship  [pause]
  • Do your stressors ever  impact your day to day?  [pause]
    • What did you do to ease your stress? Or to cope with the negative things in your life?  [pause]
      • Were your actions/behaviors to cope a healthy?  [pause]
        •  If not, think of something you could’ve done that would have been better for you to relieve that stress.  [pause]
    • Now still reflect on those stressors but this time I want you recall
      • Who did you reach out to for help?  [pause]
      • Do you know the people you can go to when you’re struggling? Bring their faces and names to mind. [pause]
      •  If you don’t know who to go to imagine the characteristics of someone that you would trust or want to confide in. [pause]

Open your eyes or bring your attention back into the room.

Each person here today experiences different stressors in life varying in severity. Some stressors can impact your day to day, some stressors can be a positive and motivating. Identifying positive ways to cope and people to reach out to is something we can all do to maintain the best well-being possible.

On your table you will find some self care cards*

What I want you to do now is to write down those things you just identified as positive behaviors you can do when you are struggling for example on my card.

Things I can do when I am struggling: 

  • [give your personal examples]
  • Play with my dog
  • Exercise
  • Lay down in a dark room and still with no silence

On the other side I want you to write down the people you imagined yourself reaching out to when you’re struggling.

Who I can reach out to when I am struggling (and will help me problem solve my challenges in a positive way)

  • [give your personal examples or ask other officers to share]
  • My school psychologist
  • My close friends

If you couldn’t imagine or didn’t know who you can reach out

  • you will see a phone number and text line that is a resource you can use 24/7 at the bottom of the self-care card
  • [Mention school psychologists, counselors, and social workers that are available at your school]
  • Share that at ourmindsmatter.org/resources several different resources are listed

  • Consider having other members share out what they identified and who they identified if they are comfortable

  • Encourage members to keep the self-card is a visible place (e.g., binder or mirror at home) so they always know there’s something they can do to help cope or someone they can talk to