• Students will practice mindfulness through a guided meditation
  • To name a stressor, and then release the stressor through physical activity
  • To identify coping strategies
  • To make and use a multi-sensory stress reliever

Guided Meditation  8-10 min

Instruct the class that they will begin today’s group by talking about mindfulness. Show them a video on mindfulness done by Dan Harris, an author and ABC News analyst.



Ask the class:

-Who can describe what mindfulness is?

-How many people here practice mindfulness?


Complete the 5 minute guided Breathing Meditation using the following link: http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/01_Breathing_Meditation.mp3


Processing Questions:

  • What was this experience like for you? Do you feel more relaxed?
  • Did you find it hard to think about “nothing”?
  • How did you bring yourself back to the present moment when you noticed your mind wander?
  • How was your attitude towards yourself when you noticed your mind wander?
  • Were you aware of your breathing today before you meditated?

Stomp Out Stressors 10-15 min

  1. Divide the group into two or three groups (depending on the size you start with).
  2. Give each group a large piece of bulletin board paper, paint and paint brushes.
  3. Each group member can paint the bottom of his or her shoe or the bottom of his or her foot.
  4. Each group member then proceeds to stomp his or her foot on the bulletin board paper. Each stomp represents a life stressor.
  5. Label each foot with the identified stressor using a marker or crayon.
  6. Then each student takes the opportunity to write his or her favorite coping strategies in between his or her set of feet.
  7. Finally, students can decorate the background of the bulletin board paper  however they would like.

Once everyone is done, see if everyone wants to share what they wrote, pointing out that everyone has different needs and likes and what works for one may not work for another and vice versa.  Decide as a group if posting these around school would be helpful in drawing attention to coping strategies used for different life stressors.

Lavender Cloud Dough 15 min

Divide into groups of 5-7 students create their own stress relief Lavender Cloud Dough!  Each group will need to gather all supplies (flour, dish pan, oil, measuring cup). The lavender essential oil can be shared among groups.  Groups should follow the recipe below to create their own dough to share as a group.


  • Mix 8 cups of Flour with 1 cup of Oil. Add 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil.

Have fun playing with the cloud dough!  You can play music in the background.

Processing Questions

  • Does including more than one sense in a coping skill make it more effective? For example, the lavender cloud dough involves tactile and smell senses. Does the scent enhance the tool?
  • Did you find this to be a stress relieving tool? Why or why not?
  • Is this something you would recommend to your friends? Why or why not