• Students will be able to define and understand the harmful effects of stigma
  • Identify ways to fight stigma

Prior to activity, club leader should read out and/or write on board the definition of stigma to club members:

Stigma refers to the disapproval and shame FELT BY THE PEOPLE exhibiting characteristics that society perceives as wrong or unusual.

Give each student 1-2 medical swab sticks. Going around in a circle, each student will identify one word or action to define stigma. As the student says the word or action, he/she will place one medical swab into the Styrofoam ball so that the pointy end sticks out. Continue around the circle until all ideas are exhausted (students are able to take additional medical swabs as needed). The leader will then note that stigma hurts, just like the sharp exterior of the ball.

To represent fighting stigma, each student will then remove the medical swab from the ball and flip it so that the soft end is sticking out. As the student flips the medical swab, he/she will share one way to fight stigma with the group.