• Students will be able to use nonviolent communication to foster effective exchange of ideas with their peers
  • Students will be able to foster growth and promote love and kindness while talking about sensitive topics 

  1. Start with a grounding session with the take 5 (5 things that can be seen, 4 things that can be felt, 3 things that can be heard, 2 things that can be smelled, 1 thing that can be tasted).
  2. Next a facilitator will tell participants that they will read off the following script of self-affirmations and for participants to repeat after them, read each statement 3 times:

I honor and support myself 3x (participants repeat)

I love and accept myself 3x (participants repeat)

I practice peace and patience 3x (participants repeat)

I am worthy of my own compassion and kindness 3x (participants repeat)

3. As a group with your club sponsor, share the topic of discussion with club members participating (this should be decided upon by co-leaders and club sponsor previous to the start of the meeting).

4. The activity facilitator will then share these guidelines for the discussion:

  • Everyone who wants to be heard will have a chance to speak, but you can pass if you do not wish to speak. 
  • We will stop you to give everyone a chance to speak. We will hold space with silence, but feel free to use reactions to offer support.
  • Keep your videos on or off, whatever makes you feel most comfortable (if held on an online platform). 
  • Club sponsor(s) are available via private message if you need additional support. 
  • There will not be cross talk between participants, meaning participants will not respond directly to others’ points of view or ideas. 
  • Option: between sharing, take a compassionate breath and hold the hands over heart.

Ask if all participants understand these guidelines and if they have any comments, questions or concerns.

5. Using the following template, talk about the subject at hand: 

“When I see/hear/feel ____(observed event)______,

I feel ­­­­___(emotion)________

because I need/value ____(value or need an individual has)_____.

I can ____(action that can be taken)_____.”

Make sure to have allotted enough time for all participants to share if they would like to.

  1. Why is nonviolent communication important when talking to others?
  2. Why is constructive self reflection about observations and values important?
  3. Why do you think this template above fosters nonviolent communication?
  4. What were you able to learn from others or about yourself or the world during this discussion?
  5. What steps can we take to become better communicators?

View this video of OMM student leaders leading this activity to get insight into how to conduct it with your club.