• To understand one’s own sleep habits
  • To practice methods of improving sleep habits
  • To build connection among team members

  • Start a one-week “Launch and Learn” experiment among friends, in which you each commit to week- long lifestyle changes that will have a positive effect on your sleep. Launch and Learn commitments might include:
  1. One week in which you are technology free in the hour before bedtime.
  2. One week where you remove all phones, laptops and electronic gadgets from your bedroom.
  3. One week in which you go to bed at the same time each night, even on the weekends.
  4. One week in which you are caffeine free (no coffee, soda, energy drinks).
  • Students can use the club preferred method of contact (SnapChat, Instagram, FaceBook, GroupMe etc..) to check in with each other before beginning the challenge to ensure you are staying on track.
  • Remind students to think about when, where, with who, and why they will do the “rewirement”. Encourage the students to design an environment that set themselves up for success while maintaining a growth mindset (i.e. think of it as a learning experience, not necessarily a success or failure).

Discuss what lifestyle changes you will make with partners or small groups and how you will hold each other accountable