To practice purposeful acts of kindness

Brainstorm beautification ideas for your school. After brainstorming ideas, choose one or more idea that can be done today and disperse to complete the chosen idea(s). Determine a time to be back in the room to share our thoughts and activities.


Some suggestions include:

  • Cover graffiti in bathrooms
  • Pick-up trash around school
  • Volunteer to help a custodian
  • Paint the school rock/wall with a positive message (with permission)
  • Help set-up a classroom or cafeteria
  • File papers/organize in the main office (with permission) Create a welcoming banner for the main office

May also use following resources for ideas or to post around the school to encourage others:

  • Happy Notes
  • Kindness Poster
  • RAK Ideas
  • RAK Week-One

  • Develop an action plan to execute project “beautify school grounds”.