• Students will expose themselves to the topic of advocacy
  • Students will think about how advocacy relates to them and is prominent in their community

  1. On a sticky note, have club members define what advocacy means to them
  2. Club members are to fold sticky notes and add their name on the cover
  3. Ask for half the club members to place their sticky notes in a pile (sticky notes can be placed in a bucket, bag, or whatever is accessible to the club)
  4. The other half of the members will stand up, pick up a sticky note and converse with the respective owner on their responses
  5. Members will reconvene to the larger group to share their takeaways and perspectives

Transition to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnOk2tTz468

  • In general, what can advocacy accomplish?
  • How can one be an advocate for themselves and others?
  • How can advocacy be used to help end the stigma around mental health at  __________________ (club’s respective school name)?

If conducting the activity on a digital platform students could be use a shared google doc to share what advocacy means to them instead of sticky notes.

Co-created with OMM student leaders Kheira Bekkadja, Farah Allubbad, Zoree Jones, Eden Ethington, and Gurleen Kaur.