• Recognize positive strengths of club members
  • Build connection and understanding among club members

Divide up into 4-5 students. Have students take turns sitting down in front of a blank wall while other students in the group write down positive words to describe the student on post- it notes. The students will stick the post it notes on the wall behind the sitting student’s head.

Once everyone has written down and posted multiple words the group will take a picture with the provided polaroid camera of the student and the kind words.

Each group should rotate through so that everyone has a chance to have words written about them. Then have the class answer questions about the experience.

  • How did it feel to receive your post-it notes?
  • What was your favorite post-it note?
  • How often do you compliment or tell others about their strengths?
  • Do you hear a lot of compliments given at school?
  • Does this activity change your attitude towards giving compliments in everyday life?