our minds matter

Teens often first look to their peers as to how they should think about or approach an issue. Our Minds Matter is an upstream suicide prevention model based on resiliency research and the power of peer-to-peer influence among adolescents. Through group activities and school-wide promotion, our minds matter clubs set the tone around mental health in their school community to be one that encourages students to seek help for themselves and friends and one that promotes social connectedness and the development of healthy habits and coping skills.

increase help-seeking behavior

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet teens often don’t seek the help they need because of shame, stigma, embarrassment and not knowing where to turn. our minds matter clubs will aim to spread messages that encourage students to seek help when stress or mental health challenges become overwhelming.

promote social connectedness

A system of support is so important to maintaining our mental wellness because we can’t always do it alone. our minds matter clubs will learn the importance of having friends, family and even pets to lean on in times of struggle and encourage their school community to be one where everyone supports one another.

encourage self-care and healthy habits

How we take care of our bodies and minds affects how we feel. our minds matter clubs will experiment with techniques to reduce stress and maintain a positive self-image. The goal would be for all students in the school community to take time for self-care in order to have a strong body and mind.