Celebrating Black Mental Health Pioneers🎉

Photo credit: Northwood Minds Matter Instagram.

As we wrap up the year, we reflect on teens’ accomplishments across the OMM Network.

One initiative that stood out from this past school year was at Northwood Minds Matter (NMM) at Northwood High School in Silver Spring, MD. The students presented a display for their school-wide gallery walk, organized by Northwood’s Minority Scholars Program. NMM joined fellow club leaders in presenting prominent Black Americans’ contributions to American culture. NMM’s work highlighted those who made significant contributions to the landscapes of mental health.

NMM showcased past and present Black psychologists, therapists, and advocates who have dedicated time to advancing mental health care and conversations. Some of the figures included:

  • Dr. Paul Cornely, the first African American to earn a doctorate in public health.
  • Dr. Mami Phillips Clark, who focused on the development and self-consciousness of Black preschool children. 
  • Actress Taraji P. Henson, who has spoken openly about her experiences with anxiety and depression.

In addition, NMM student leaders included vital statistics about Black mental health and resources for people to learn more or access care.

NMM recognized the importance of inclusive mental health care, and the gallery walk allowed them to encourage reflection in their school community. By uplifting Black voices in mental health conversations, NMM helped normalize seeking help within the community.

Diverse representation in mental health spaces can break down stigma, encourage help-seeking behavior, and ultimately save lives.

We asked Northwood Minds Matter if they had anything else planned before closing out the year, and they shared some exciting news: They will be collaborating with their school’s wellness center for their annual end-of-year carnival!🥳The carnival will be an after-school event with food, live music, games, and fun wellness activities.

Kudos to Northwood Minds Matter for highlighting Black mental health figures alongside other clubs at Northwood High School! You can follow Northwood Minds Matter @northwoodmindsmatter on Instagram for more updates.😎

You can also check out a list of mental health resources for specific communities on our website :).

A special thank you to the Devon C. Rubenstein Foundation, Healthcare Initiative Foundation, Adventist Healthcare, and our network of individual donors for making Our Minds Matter possible in Montgomery County!🧡