envisioning your future💫

Sometimes it can be intimidating to brainstorm goals by ourselves. Working with others to put words (and images) to our dreams can help us feel more confident in our hopes — and more connected to those around us. 

That’s why in late January, Knights Minds Matter (KMM) at Ballou High School in Washington D.C., gathered their students and staff to create vision boards for 2024 and beyond. Members of the Knights community created collages using pictures from magazines, motivational stickers, and words of affirmation and gratitude. The activity encouraged students and staff to connect and collaborate outside of the classroom, exercise their creativity, and widen their perspective of what their future can look like. The vision boards they created featured everything from dreamy travel destinations to fulfilling jobs, future families to financial goals, and lives centering wellness.

It is normal to feel tired and be preoccupied with personal schedules after school. KMM’s vision boarding event offered an antidote to the spring semester exhaustion, allowing the school community to unwind after a long day of classes. This demonstrates their commitment to practicing self care during a stressful time of year. Additionally, by sharing their hopes with others, participants could gain support and inspiration from fellow Knights, increasing social connectedness. 

A huge thanks to Knights Minds Matter for sharing their beautiful vision boards with us! KMM leaders hope to hold Canva workshops for students to broaden their technology skills — and to practice virtual vision boarding! Follow KMM on Instagram @balloulibrary to see what else they have in store!👀 Our vision board activity is available in our club portal to all other interested clubs.🖼️🎨

A special thank you to the District of Columbia, Born This Way Foundation’s Kindness in Community Fund, Hollister Confidence Fund, Joseph E. and Marjorie B. Jones Foundation, Kettering Family Foundation, if: a Foundation for Radical Possibility, Risa Fund, and our network of individual donors for making Our Minds Matter possible in the District of Columbia Public Schools.