Move with Music for MHAD 2024

move with music for mental health action day 2024!

On Thursday, May 16, Our Minds Matter (OMM) is partnering with MTV Entertainment Studios to encourage schools to “Move with Music” for Mental Health Action Day (MHAD) 2024! This is the second year in a row that MTV has awarded OMM a $5,000 grant for MHAD. Last year, more than 46,000 young people took action for their own mental health, and for their communities, as part of “Move with Music.”    

This year, participating schools, community centers, and organizations will pause the day for a special announcement from Our Minds Matter student leaders or other mental health advocates to name the importance of taking time for yourself and the benefits of intentional movement. The announcement will include a positive affirmation, followed by a music break to a song chosen by the OMM network. Everyone will be encouraged to move with the music however they feel comfortable. When the song ends, students will be given a call to action: to find an hour to take action for themselves, a loved one, or their community’s mental health.

Sign up to #MoveWithMusic for Mental Health Action Day at school, community centers, work, home, or wherever you may be. 

Participants will receive an easy-to-use guide including everything needed to participate, along with printable limited edition activation cards. Materials will be released to participants starting April 8th and those who sign-up before May 3rd will receive special goodies in the mail!

Access the toolkit here.