friends who paint together🖌️

Stress can make it difficult to work through negative thought patterns. A great way to combat this is an exercise called “seeing the good,” or expressing gratitude for aspects of our lives that bring joy. In November, Stratford Academy’s Stratford Minds Matter club in Macon, Georgia, invited students to “See the good” around them through a collaborative art project.

The club worked together to splatter paint onto three large canvases that read “See the good.” The exercise encouraged students to reroute negative thinking, discuss positive affirmations, and remind them to take note of uplifting things in their lives. The artwork will be displayed in the hallways of Stratford Academy to remind their student body to do the same.🧠

The splatter paint activity included a few factors for good mental health. Stratford Minds leaders wanted students to practice social connectedness through building relationships — a key pillar of mental wellness. Using a creative outlet is also a great way for people to express themselves, unwind, and relieve stress and anxiety. Additionally, having a toolkit of relaxing activities is very important to self care and maintaining healthy habits. 

Stratford Minds Matter members work together to splatter paint onto canvases.When we spoke to the Stratford Minds leaders about this project, they said they first noticed the splatter paint activity in our Club Portal when they joined the OMM Network in 2021. We are happy to see that the time and intention behind this event paid off! For other clubs looking for new ideas, this and many other fun and creative projects are available in our Club Portal.🔍 

Follow Stratford Minds Matter on Instagram to see their upcoming activities and campaigns for stress relief and more! Club leaders mentioned that they are particularly excited to try our “Tree of Beauty” activity :).

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