kindness rocks!🪨

Eagles Minds Matter students make chalk drawings outside of Robert Frost Middle School.Nov. 13, 2023, marked World Kindness Day! In honor of this day — meant to promote empathy and understanding in our daily lives — Robert Frost Middle School’s Eagles Minds Matter hosted a special meeting to uplift their student body.

Students gathered to decorate rocks and their school sidewalks with beautiful chalk drawings. Their designs shared positive messages of encouragement and belonging like “You matter,” “The world needs you!” and “Love yourself and be kind.” 

Eagles Minds Matter members were able to enjoy an activity together while also letting fellow Robert Frost students know that they are valued. The artwork and written messages were intentionally drawn in front of the school so that other students would see them.

Chalk drawing: "The world needs you!"

Building social connectedness among students reminds them that they are not alone and are always welcome in the clubs and communities around them. Eagles Minds Matter hopes that more students will join them to have fun and create with one another.🫂  

Thank you to Eagles Minds Matter at Robert Frost Middle School for demonstrating one of the many ways we can spread joy to others! Learn more about how to share kindness through Born This Way Foundation’s Channel Kindness initiative and Random Act of Kindness Foundation.💛 

Chalk drawing: A bee followed by the world "kind" ("Be kind.")

A special thank you to the Devon C. Rubenstein Foundation, Healthcare Initiative Foundation, Adventist Healthcare, and our network of individual donors for making Our Minds Matter possible in Montgomery County!