back-to-school training⭐

Our Minds Matter kicked off the school year by hosting our Back-to-School virtual training on Thursday, August 17. It was incredible to share space with so many students excited to start this year strong.

The event began with an Opening Connection of Speed-Friending. Attendees were randomly put into breakout rooms to quickly answer questions like “What’s something people might not know about you when they meet you, but you’d like them to know?” and “Where do you see yourself six months from now?”.

Folks had about 30 seconds to answer each question, encouraging them to trust the first answer that came to mind. Many seemed to leave their breakout room with joy and excitement.  

The next activity was Student Leader Trivia to quiz folks on their knowledge of OMM resources. After trivia, the OMM team announced new updates to the Bank of Activities on OMM’s Club Portal! Students were able to get a sneak peek at a new layout, revisions made to classic Our Minds Matter Activities, and even some shiny, new ones! The Team looks forward to sharing more information regarding these updates.

Students then joined 30-minute breakout sessions discussing a topic of their choice including: 

  • Student Leader Self-Care (led by G Wei, Director of Impact)
  • Creating Changemaking Campaigns (led by Mo, Program Manager)
  • Student Leader Tech Support (led by Julia, Program Coordinator)

Next, the training covered some tools for successful student leadership, meeting planning inspiration for September through December, and how to add an experience like being an OMM Student Leader to their resume and college applications. 

To conclude the event, the teens spoke a few affirmations aloud together. These statements included “I am a capable and confident leader,” “I bring good energy to my leadership team and my club,” and “My team is proud of the work we do together.” 

Thank you to everyone who attended — We can’t wait to witness all that you’ll achieve this year. 💗