re-creating safe spaces 🌄

What comes to mind when you think of your safe space? On April 27th, 2023, Oakton Minds Matter of Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia explored their personal safe spaces by doing our recreate your safe space activity with a special guest – Ramona, one of our incredible Program Coordinators!

The purpose of this activity was to identify where you feel most comfortable, real or imagined, and then recreate the space on a piece of paper using markers and other craft materials.

Students were also encouraged to consider what information their senses pick up, or would pick up, in this space.By focusing on their senses, creating, and being in community with one another, these students were able to create a new safe space with one another.

Mindfulness practices, like slowing down and focusing on sensations, has been shown to reduce stress, and identifying a space you can go to reconnect with yourself – physically or mentally – is such an important coping skill to have during this busy time of year.

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