making a whole lava new friends 💫

On Wednesday, March 29th, Hawk Minds Matter of Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, VA hosted a lava lamp-making event to bring students together in a space dedicated to relaxation. Following community loss and transition, it was important to the members of Hawk Minds Matter to create an environment where students could practice mindfulness through crafting, and be in community with one another. 

At the event, students were encouraged to take time for mental well-being by utilizing their senses to create. Making lava lamps with water bottles, food dye, glitter, body oil, and seltzer tablets led to these students laughing and being in community with one another.

Social connectedness is recognized as one of the vital components to mental wellness and suicide prevention, as we often need support from one another as we struggle or navigate challenging times. Students not already involved in the club also discovered new ways to show up for their peers by joining Hawk Minds Matter, and received information on how they can get involved.

When a school community mourns and adjusts, it can be really difficult to hold space for mental wellness. Witnessing these students gather and connect, with time to lean into mindfulness and creativity has been so inspiring to us at OMM Headquarters. 

Thank you, Hawk Minds Matter, for being such a positive light in your school 💡🧡 be sure to show them some love on their instagram, @hayfieldmindsmatter

We also want to express our gratitude to the funders in our community who support our work. Our FCPS program is thriving because of our strong base of individual donors, as well as supporters including the County of Fairfax and Inova Health Foundation ⭐