de-stressing before midterms ☁️💜


The adjustment back to school following winter break can be a tough one, especially with upcoming midterm projects and exams. Abington Minds Matter of Abington Senior High School in Abington, PA recognized this as an opportunity to connect with their peers and offer a space to engage in relaxing activities to prevent burnout. 

Students gathered to make lavender cloud dough (a scented squishy, moldable dough made of lotion and cornstarch), zentangling (a method of doodling that uses structured patterns to create a beautiful image), and watercolor painting.

These activities provided students with a way to relax, center themselves through sensory experiences, and build their social support system with their peers.

Social connectedness is recognized as one of the vital components to mental wellness, as we often need support from one another as we struggle or navigate stressful times.

Abington Minds Matter did an excellent job of making connection a priority during a busy time of the year, and we can’t wait to see what else they accomplish in 2023 ✨

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