omm invites you to be there

Our Minds Matter is so excited to announce a brand new training brought to you by the Born This Way Foundation (BTW) and — the Be There Certificate! We are also honored to share that we worked closely with the BTW team to bring you a collaborative activity guide as a follow-up to the training. But first, you’re probably wondering “What is the Be There Certificate?”

so what is it?


sounds great! and then what?

As an OMM club leader or member, you understand how important it is to be there for your friends and peers through mental health challenges and hopefully support them or get them help before it becomes a crisis. This training can help you feel better prepared to do that, and it can help so many others too! That’s why we’ve created this Be There Activity Guide in collaboration with the Born This Way Foundation. This guide includes suggestions for reaching the larger school community with Be There and discussion questions to use as a way to debrief this virtual training with your club or school. Get the most out of the Be There Certificate by keeping the conversation going with OMM!

i’m in! where do i get started?

  1. Complete the Be There Certificate HERE
  2. Check out our Be There Activity Guide HERE
  3. Encourage club members, friends, and as many people at school as possible to complete the Certificate
  4. Host a meeting and use our discussion questions in the Be There Activity Guide to keep the conversation going
  5. Want to share more about Be There on your club or personal social media? Use these graphics from and Born This Way Foundation and download the OMM X Be There graphic here!

Our Minds Matter is working toward the day when no teen dies by suicide, and we aim to do so by changing the school culture around mental health. Let’s keep the good work going and learn how to Be There.