Art to Relieve Stress

At the end of January, Abington Senior High School’s Our Minds Matter club hosted an art focused meeting to help students relieve some stress during mid-term exams. The meeting started off with club officers sharing strategies to cope with stress. Then, club members were able to visit three different stations: painting with watercolors, zentangle art, and cloud dough making. 

The water color painting activity was intended for members to be able to express their emotions, whether positive or negative, by making art. A student leader shared, “Whether the art is abstract or concrete, art is a meaningful way to show one’s true feelings, so we felt this activity was a must!”

Next up, zentangle. This activity requires one to use a writing utensil to divide a piece of paper into four sections. Each section is to be filled in with a different pattern or design. Mix of mindful doodling and vision boarding if club members so chose!

Lastly, the club decided to make cloud dough as it had been trending on social media in recent years. A club officer said that, “the students really enjoyed this meeting and the flexibility of all the activities; being able to flip flop from station to station created a relaxed, stress-free environment.”

Great job Abington Senior Our Minds Matter for creating a positive space for teens during a stressful time. If your club is looking for meeting ideas to host this month during AP and final exams, consider hosting a mindful art activity!

[Image Descriptions (from top to bottom): students sitting in desks holding up their water color paintings; students sitting in classroom working on their zentangle masterpieces; students standing together making cloud dough creations]