mental health awareness month ’22

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and while awareness is great, we think we can all go a little further and take action. Which is pretty perfect because May 19th is Mental Health Action Day! So why not turn the whole month into mental health action?

We recognize and celebrate the fact that you are all taking action for mental health every single day  just by being involved with and supporting OMM, and we know we don’t have to tell you that mental health is more important now than ever. You already know–that’s why you’re here. And we’re so grateful for you.

So this May, let’s explore new ways to take action for mental health. This might look different for everyone…

  • Maybe your action is taking a break and rejuvenating so you can put your mental health first.
  • Maybe you’re ready to take your action to a whole new level by getting involved in advocacy efforts to try to make a better world where everyone’s wellbeing is prioritized.
  • Or maybe you’re going to take action by having those difficult but necessary conversations with your circle about breaking down stereotypes and stigma around mental health.

However you plan to take Action this May, we’ve got your back.

For Clubs

Check out our recently launched Mental Health Awareness Month Club Guide for activity suggestions, resources, and some advocacy opportunities that are accessible even for people just getting started in their advocacy journey. If you participate in any of the activities or advocacy actions, post it on social and tag us so we can show you off!

for everyone

You can also follow along with us on IG all month, where we’ll be sharing content from Mental Health America’s Back to Basics campaign and highlighting other mental health organizations. It’s always important to refresh ourselves on the basics of mental health so we don’t forget what we’re working for! You can take action by resharing our posts and amplifying the information.

Thank you for what you do and for being you.