Share the Care

We could all use a little extra love these days, so let’s throw it back to February for this week’s Club Feature! Marshall Minds Matter from Falls Church, Virginia hosted a Share the Care week for their whole school during the week of February 14th-17th.

“Valentine’s Day and the theme of love were large inspirations for our Share the Care week,” said one student leader. “We felt that many people often associate Valentine’s Day with a strictly romantic form of love, but we wanted to remind our school community that Valentine’s Day can celebrate multiple types of love and care.” This is such an amazing message, because loves comes in so many different forms!

Each day of the week, students and staff were encouraged to wear a different color representing a form of love. Then, they uploaded a picture of them wearing that day’s color and were entered into a Visa giftcard raffle! Here were the different forms of love represented during Share the Care week:

Monday, February 14th: Love to Friends (color: yellow)

Tuesday, February 15th: Love to Family (color: green)

Wednesday, February 16th: Love to Teachers (color: red)

Thursday, February 17th: Love to Self (color: purple)









Marshall Minds Matter capped off the week by hosting a special club meeting about self-love, in which they all wrote nice notes to each other and wrote lists of things they love about themselves. Plus, they had some yummy treats thanks to student leaders and sponsors bringing in desserts! What a fun and creative way to celebrate self-love, and all other kinds of love and care.

Keep sharing the care and making your school a brighter place, Marshall Minds Matter!


[Image Descriptions (from top to bottom): a photo collage of students set over a blue background with the words “Share the Care”; a photo collage of students wearing yellow set over a yellow background with the words “Love to Friends”; a photo collage of students wearing green set over a green background with the words “Love to Family”; a photo collage of students wearing red set over a red background with the words “Love to Teachers”; a photo collage of students wearing purple set over a purple background with the words “Love to Self.”]