mindful journaling

As the school year comes to a close, many students are dealing with the stresses of final exams, college applications, and solidifying summer plans. Club meetings can be a space to process all that stress, and Titans Minds Matter from Bellevue, WA encouraged that reflection by hosting a Mindful Journaling activity during a club meeting.

“Journaling is a great way to understand feelings that were felt throughout the week. One of the benefits of journaling is that it can declutter your mind, recognize triggers, and can release negative thoughts and feelings,” says Titan Minds Matter club leaders.

The Mindful Journaling activity was such a success, that club leaders were able to create a poster of some of the journaling responses, highlighting positive affirmations, feel-good songs, and popular TV shows or movies to boost overall mood.

Club leaders shared this takeaway from the activity: “This was a way to engage not only club members but also promote what our club advocates for. We hope this activity will encourage other clubs to consider journaling and its benefits.”

What an awesome way to hold space for fellow peers during a time of collective stress!

[Image description from top to bottom: A student sits a table, writing on a worksheet that says “Mindful Journal” during lunch; A colorful poster titled ‘Students of Titan Minds Matter Have a Message For You…” The first box reads “Messages for TMM students with finals: 1) You’ll do great, 2) Plan out your time, 3) Take breaks, 4) If you’re feeling stressed or have anxiety, just know these tests don’t determine everything about your future or identity, 5) Don’t give up! and 6) Don’t stress too much. The second box reads “A song to boost your mood” 1) Pop rock, 2) Classical music, 3) Born to be Brave – HSMTMTS, 4) Feeling so High – Alainite, 5) Polaroid Love – Enhypen, 6) piano music and 7) ABC’s song. The last box reads “Show and movies to boost your mood” 1) The Office, 2) Chicago Med, 3) Selling Sunset, 4) Amazing World of Gumball, 5) Grey’s Anatomy, 6) Encanto and 7) Spiderman: No Way Home.]