words of affirmation

Words of affirmation are words that communicate respect, love, and appreciation for another person or oneself. Atom Minds Matter from Annandale High School in Annandale, Virginia learned how important words of affirmation are and how much they can impact someone’s day, so they decided to share some with the whole school!

One club leader shared: “The meeting was very important because school can be a very stressful atmosphere for many, so we wanted to remind students and teachers that they are extremely capable and courageous for waking up every day and choosing to do better.” During their meeting, students created posters with words of affirmation on them and hung them up in school bathrooms to give people a boost throughout their day.

It looks like club members were excited to take part in this activity, and Atom Minds Matter shared this about how the school felt about this event: “The school had a very enthusiastic reaction towards our activity and they were happy to see students taking the initiative to better their community.” That’s what it’s all about–making someone’s day even just a little bit better.

Do you want to try something similar with your OMM club? Check out our activity Operation Beautiful for some guidance. Thanks for your uplifting and affirming work, Atom Minds Matter!

[Image Descriptions from top to bottom: A student wearing a face mask hangs up a white sign on a wall above a mirror that says in pink marker “I matter”; A group of students wearing face masks sit around desks pushed together. They are decorating white sheets of paper with colorful markers; Three students wearing face masks work together to hang up a sign above a mirror in a school bathroom. The words are not readable in the photo.]