this matters: how global conflict has a personal impact

For those of us in the mental health movement, the term “trauma” is not a new one. However, some of us may not know that there is a type of trauma brought on by big events that can affect entire societies called “collective trauma,” and it causes a ripple effect that impacts us all uniquely. Global conflict and war is one of those collective traumas.

This week, a high school student called on OMM to provide a space for support and resources for Ukrainian-Americans whose mental health have been impacted by the current war on Ukraine. Our Minds Matter is proud to be a student-led movement with passionate young advocates guiding our work, and we are answering their call. Throughout the month of March, we will host four virtual sessions for folks to gather to process, seek & provide support, and explore resources around the distress caused by conflict and war. These sessions will be hosted by OMM board member & clinical psychologist Dr. Jen Leyton-Armakan, and will be a space for honest emotion, discussion, and community. Please note that it will NOT be a psychotherapy group.

Our Minds Matter also recognizes that there are communities all across the globe who have been and still are impacted by war, violence, and conflict. Not all of these tragedies make headlines, but many young people feel the pain just the same. Therefore, these virtual spaces will be open to ALL young people who feel distress or collective trauma due to global conflict and war.

These sessions, the first in our new “This Matters” series, will take place weekly on Zoom and folks are welcome to join any and all of the following:

  • Monday, March 7th, 7-8 pm EST
  • Monday, March 14th, 7-8 pm EST
  • Monday, March 21st, 7-8 pm EST
  • Monday, March 28th, 7-8 pm EST
Register HERE.
This Matters & You Matter.