Black Youth Minds Matter ’22

Happy black history month

In celebration of Black History Month, Our Minds Matter is bringing awareness to Black youth mental health through our second annual Black Youth Minds Matter campaign. This month, we will be hosting a series of special events, sharing resources that support Black youth, and highlighting mental health professionals that are changemakers in their field.

Our Minds Matter acknowledges the systemic barriers that impede Black youth’s access to mental health resources and the systemic racism that creates additional stressors in their lives. Therefore, our goal for this year’s BYMM campaign is to promote wellness and self-care for Black youth, while also providing resources for everyone to learn how to create more inclusive spaces.

Donate to our Black Youth Minds Matter campaign here.

join us

This month we are hosting three virtual culturally-relevant events for students to enjoy!

black jeopardy!

feb. 9th @ 7pm ET

To kick off the series, students will engage in a virtual Black culture Jeopardy game night via Zoom, covering categories such as music, history, sports, and more. This event is open to everyone, and all are encouraged to come learn more about Black culture and have fun doing it! Register here.

black youth & mental health

Feb. 16th @ 7pm ET

This opportunity is for Black youth to share virtual space together via Zoom with an expert in Black youth mental health and suicide prevention, Brandon from the AAKOMA Project. Students will learn about culturally-relevant ways to take care of their mental health, manage stress, and access resources. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their relationship with their mental health. Please note that this event is specifically for Black teens. Register here

Careers in Mental Health

Feb. 23rd @ 7pm ET

Join us on Instagram Live for a special segment with two Black mental health professionals to discuss their different career paths and the purpose behind their work. Students interested in a future mental health career will have the opportunity to learn more about the field and actions they can take to pursue their ideal career. All are welcome to join! Follow us on Instagram

get involved

There are lots of ways for your club to join in on the campaign

BYMM ’22 club Guide

Student leaders and club sponsors can access the BYMM guide on the Club Portal so you can be a part of the BYMM campaign! Inside you will discover activity suggestions, mental health resources, and more. This guide is intended for clubs to provide self-care and wellness opportunities for Black youth and to learn more about how to create safe and inclusive spaces for their Black peers.

Follow along

Join us on Instagram for our Mental Health Heroes series

mental health heroes

With only 4% of psychologists being Black/African American (APA), we are spotlighting Black mental health providers, advocates, and activists that are leaders in the Black mental health field on our social media. Follow along to see our Mental Health Heroes spotlights all month long!