Self-Reflection Through Journaling

On November 30th, 2021, Milton Minds Matter (MMM) kicked off their first club meeting with a journaling session. Club members thought that journaling would be a great way to practice creativity and self-reflection. It’s also a great way to support a peer.

Milton’s Co-President Annette Swenson, shared a testimonial of the joy students experienced while journaling:

The power of journaling left members with a smile at the end of the activity. Because of our success, we journal at the beginning of each meeting. The prompts are endless so it allows for self-reflection that ties into our meeting activity.” 

Self-expression isn’t something new for MMM! As a community-based Our Minds Matter club hosted by Milton Youth Advocates for Change (MYAC), its mission is to help teens find their voices, celebrate diversity, and learn about social and emotional skills.

[image description: students stand around table to holding paper and markers while participating in journaling activity]

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