Self-Care Series

Throughout the month of January, Our Minds Matter is offering three virtual self-care sessions to provide a time and space for everyone- students and school staff alike- to be human. Returning to school for the new year can be stressful for anyone, and combined with the added distress caused by the current Covid-19 surge, we have a recipe for anxiety. Maybe it’s tough for your Minds Matter club to meet right now, or maybe you’re just feeling a little overwhelmed. If you relate to any of that, take some time for YOU and sign up for our Self-Care Series.


Up first, we have a Game Night with Catherine on 1/12 at 7pm ET. Play We’re Not Really Strangers with other attendees and take the time to connect, learn, and come together in play.







Next, join Zana for a Mindful Art session on 1/19 at 7pm ET. Sometimes we don’t always have the words for what we’re feeling or what we need–and in times like that, we can tap into our creative side and express ourselves through art.

 We encourage the following materials (not required):

Construction paper or canvas

Markers, pens, and/or paint

Paint Brushes




And last but not definitely not least, meet Lauren on the mat for a Yoga Session on 1/26 a 7pm ET. Joyful movement brings us back to our bodies and allows us to feel grateful and grounded in who and where we are right now. Practice your “om” with OMM!






Even when things feel hectic and heavy, mental wellness cannot take a backseat. You deserve AND need self-care, and OMM is excited to meet you exactly where you are in our virtual space. See you there.