The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Gratitude

Frost Minds Matter, a middle school pilot program site in Fairfax, VA has ramped up their attitude of gratitude this season. First, Frost hosted a Gratitude Challenge. Students were given post-it notes to write down something they are grateful for. The post-its were then pasted onto a wall in the shape of a heart. Frost Minds Matter received 600 entries for their Gratitude Challenge!

[image description: large heart composed of blue, pink, and orange post-it notes with yellow background, “Frost Minds Matter Gratitude Challenge”]

Additionally, Frost Minds Matter club members wrote letters of gratitude to a local grocery store. The grocery store was so touched by their act of kindness, that they gave giftcards to their club. Frost Minds Matter decided to use the giftcards towards a Food-4-Thought food drive. Frost collected over 1,000 donations of food items for the food drive. They spiced up the drive by making it a challenge between homerooms. The homeroom class with the most food items received a pizza party sponsored by Frost Minds Matter.

Gratitude is not only a gift that helps others, but it also makes the giver feel connected to something greater than themselves. So proud to see our friends at Frost sharing gratitude this season. #attitudeofgratitude