Hosting a Wellness Week

Blake Minds Matter (BMM) from James Hubert Blake High School located in Silver Spring, Maryland, recently hosted a Wellness Week in collaboration with Blake Leaders Institute, a student organization that provides teens with leadership development opportunities and service projects. The purpose of the Wellness Week was to educate their school community about mental health and to provide support to students that might be currently struggling with their mental health. During their Wellness Week, BMM held various activities, including:


  • Monday: students created a Mood Wall activity, where they were encouraged to write something that described their mood and post it to a wall. Their goal was to spread the word that their school is a safe space to be open and vulnerable and to show that everyone is going through something different.
  • Tuesday – students wrote mindfulness letters to someone they could confide in or a letter to their younger self. The goal of this activity was to encourage students to find comfort in depending on a trusted person or to build a positive, kind relationship with themselves.
  • Wednesday – students participated in a yoga session and learned how mindful movement can be a healthy coping mechanism and can help manage stress. 
  • Thursday – students created a wall with mental health careers posted for students seeking future professions within the field and showed videos of mental health careers in their amphitheater. 
  • Friday – students wore green in solidarity with mental health awareness, and passed around green bracelets throughout the school community.


We encourage our clubs to get creative with week-long wellness campaigns, choose elements that are needed in your community. Excellent job promoting school-wide wellness Blake Minds Matter!