weebly page for OMM club

Sometimes, promoting and making your OMM club accessible to all requires some tech savviness! Parkview Minds Matter from Lilburn, Georgia, created a Weebly page so that members and interested folks can easily see all relevant club information.

In addition to listing meeting dates, the Parkview leaders also wanted to make sure anyone visiting the page understood the context of the club.

One leader stated: “The ‘Info’ page of our website explains why the club exists at Parkview in the first place. We learned how large the stigma around mental illness actually is, and its dangers surrounding the student body today. Creating awareness and resources for the students of Parkview will create nothing but positivity.” It seems like this has led to a great turnout!

The Parkview Minds Matter Weebly page also has a ‘Resources’ section that includes mental health hotlines, more meeting details, and social media and contact info for the club. If you want to make your club more easily accessible and understandable, take a page out of Parkview Minds Matter’s book and give this a shot!








[image descriptions, starting at the top clockwise: A student uses their phone to engage in an OMM meeting; Over 20 students sit in a band room during an OMM meeting; A student with a face mask on stands in front of a PowerPoint at a meeting and presents a poster that includes mental health resources and the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255; Two students with face masks on wave at the camera; Three students with face masks on pose for the camera, with one giving two-thumbs-up]