Creating Motivational Posters

South River Minds Matter from Edgewater, MD, sprinkled their school with a little bit of positivity & motivation at a recent club meeting. Who doesn’t need a little inspiration during the school day?

Club members and leaders created posters with various supportive, uplifting, and validating messages. Posters were hung up throughout the whole school so that these affirmations could reach as many students as possible.

[image description: students holding a poster reading “things will get better our minds matter”]

A student leader shared, “our club’s main motivation for making these posters was to uplift the students at our school. School can be extremely stressful and we hoped that our messages could help in some way. I have seen a few students’ reactions to our posters and it is so fun watching their eyes light up when they read them!”

Here are some of our personal favorites:

[image description: “one thing at a time” in red, orange and yellow surrounded by purple peace signs]

[image description: “don’t let your struggle become your identity” poster on window with sign below reading “one act of kindness won’t change the world but it may change one person’s world”]

[image description: person with thumbs up in front of poster “you are more precious to this [image of world] than you will ever know”]

[image description: “you are deserving of love” and “join Our Minds Matter”]

[image description: “It’s Okay” in pink and blue letters, “to make mistakes, to have bad days, to be less than perfect, to do what’s best for you, to be yourself” in purple with stars]

Be kind. Pass it on. Pay it forward. You never know how far a small gesture of kindness can go.