National Relaxation Day

August 15 is National Relaxation Day. In 1985, nine-year-old Sean Moeller came up with the idea! National Relaxation day promotes stress relief through relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. Our lives often get so busy that we forget to take time for ourselves and kick back and relax.

It is incredibly important to make time for unwinding and enjoyment during your day in order to lead a healthy life. Here are some examples of relaxation to add into your day.

Meditation: Deep breathing and being in the present moment can decrease stress in one’s life. If you have never tried meditation before here is a guiding video that you can try.

Yoga: Yoga is also a great option for people that want to stretch and move their bodies as a form of relaxation. Yoga can help bring you back to your center and refocus your attention off of the stressors in your life. Check out these beginner classes on Youtube.

Laughter: Laughter triggers dopamine (the happy chemical). Watching a funny show can actually help relax your mind after a long day. Check out this guided laughter mediation that is proven to transform your mood.

Along with finding time for relaxation, it is also important to get a good night’s sleep. Before you fall asleep try not to be on your phone or a TV. This prevents your mind from unwinding on its own. Try to create a sleep schedule that you can stick to throughout the week. This way your body and mind will feel well rested each day!

Try out these tips on National Relaxation day and try to incorporate them into your day to day routine.