Joint Club Meetings

Several OMM clubs from Montgomery County Maryland, Colonel Minds Matter from Magruder High School, Rockville Minds Matter from Rockville High School, and RM Minds Matter from Richard Montgomery High School, teamed up to host a mental health question and answer panel. 

Prior to this panel, the clubs sent out marketing on their social media to advertise the panel and shared a Google Form for students to anonymously submit questions they would like answered. This is a great way for teens to ask questions about mental health in a way they felt comfortable.

On the panel, club sponsors from all three clubs selected questions students submitted and answered them for the entire group. The club sponsors also shared healthy coping skills teens can use to maintain their mental health.

Not only was this a great way to generate discussion around potentially difficult conversations about mental health, but it was also a great way for students with similar interests in mental health to meet for the first time. Students were able to foster social connections despite being in a virtual setting. 

Great job Colonel, Rockville, and RM Minds Matter for your efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health!

Are you interested in hosting a similar event sometime next fall? Well, start brainstorming how you can collaborate with other clubs next school year!