Equitable Social Media Practices

Did you know that adding things like captions to videos is an example of an equitable practice? Adding captions to videos or pictures makes media more accessible to people of all abilities. Bulldogs Minds Matter from Garfield High School in Seattle, WA has started using another equitable social media practice that you might not be aware of.

In their April 5th meeting reminder marketing post, they provided a description of the meeting topic and details in the caption.

Way to go Bulldogs Minds Matter for taking actions to make your club’s social media more inclusive to all! Check out this article for more ideas on inclusive social media practices.

Also, shoutout to two student leaders and a club sponsor from their club who met with the Cycle4Life team for an interview on Wednesday, April 14th.

Cycle4Life will be using this interview amongst several to create a documentary of Heath Saffer and Omar Baloch’s 4,300 mile cross country cycling journey. The team will be making several stops along the way to interview club sponsors, students and families touched by Our Minds Matter. The purpose of this West Coast to East Coast cycling trek is to raise mental health awareness & to end the stigma around mental health.

Thank you Bulldogs Minds Matter for encouraging equity & for taking the time to share your perspectives & initiatives at Garfield High School with Cycle4Life.