Thriving Together for Mental Health Month in May


OMM students work hard and you do too by helping them make an impact in their schools. None of our victories this school year would be possible without your support. We doubled our club network, reached thousands of teens with critical mental health support during a nontraditional school year filled with many uncertainties and collective anxieties. We all deserve a chance to relax and bask in our wins, so check out all the ways you can do so below!

Our Minds Matter will be hosting a series of Thriving Weekends during the month of May that you can sign up for at

Join us to close the month-long campaign at OMM’s Thrive Brunch on May 23rd at 11am EST. This event is Our Minds Matter’s Spring fundraising event, which will celebrate OMM students on a year of wins against the stigma around mental health. Come early for a fun and simple virtual cooking session where we will make a sublime Kuku dish with DC Master Chef Chris Morgan at 10am EST. 

The brunch celebration will include special break-out sessions where attendees can speak with student leaders, an awards ceremony and some other fun surprises. As April showers bring May flowers, join us in watching our student leaders bloom into their next adventure. You won’t want to miss it, get a ticket today!

high school students / school staff sponsors: register for free at

other guests: register at