Black Youth Mental Health Panel on 2/23

Meet Our Panelists!

Our Minds Matter’s team of renowned panelists are joining us in order to give a holistic view of what is hindering Black youth access to mental health support. Let’s meet them!


  • Jordan GravesJustin Graves – Justin is the founder and owner of HESONWHEELS, project manager for the Department of Homeland Security in D.C. He has a long history of working with OMM and is a well-known local advocate for mental health.
  • Jordan BurnhamJordan Burnam – Jordan is a nationally known mental health activist and speaker who has been profiled in Sports Illustrated, PEOPLE Magazine, and USA Today. His piece, “Unbreakable,” for ESPN’s E:60 was nominated for an Emmy.
  • Dr. Alfiee, Panelist – Dr. Alfiee is a psychiatrist who works primarily with youth and teens in order to help them find #optimalmentalwellness. She founded the AAKOMA Project, a nationally known non-profit that engages marginalized youth and empowers them to care for their mental health.
  • Seble – Seblework is a leading member of OMM’s Ram Minds Matter and works to end the stigma in her high school. She’s a rising senior who is a wonderful advocate, artist and future engineer!
  •  Dr. Kristin CarothersDr. Carothers – Dr. Kristin J. Carothers is an Atlanta-based Clinical Psychologist, licensed in Georgia and New York. She is well-known for her work on destigmatization and working to provide access to quality mental health care for children and families. 
  • Nigel Jackson – Nigel Jackson is a male clinical social worker who is the Director of School Mental Health for DCPS. Mr. Jackson is currently working to increase the visibility of mental health support resources that are available to DCPS students.


Our panelists are great and we honored to have them join us. However, this issue is even greater and we need all hands on deck! Please join us on February 23rd at 7PM for the Solomon Speaker Panel by clicking here