Black History Month

Happy Black History Month!

You cannot have American History without Black History! Our Minds Matter is happy to begin the month with a celebration of Black contributions to our understanding of mental health.

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller (First Black Psychiatrist)

Our Minds Matter would like to start Black History Month by giving a loving shoutout to Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, a pioneering African-American psychiatrist who made significant contributions to the study of Alzheimer’s disease. He was born in Liberia to a previously enslaved African who had purchased his freedom in the US and emigrated there. He then went on to attend and graduate from the Boston University School of Medicine, going on to study at the University of Munich in Germany. He came back to Boston to practice at Westborough State Mental Hospital in Westborough, Massachusetts. While there, he performed his ground-breaking research on the physical changes to the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Dr. Fuller, was one of the first known black psychiatrists and worked alongside Dr. Alois Alzheimer, who first discovered the traits of Alzheimer’s disease in 1901. 

Humanity would be even more ignorant about how our minds work without Dr. Carter Fuller. To honor his memory, we are hosting a panel discussion to spark conversation on the issues affecting Black mental health and ways we can increase access to mental health support for Black teens. We invite you to attend the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller mental health panel on February 23rd at 7 PM. You can sign up here to get the link and a calendar reminder. Our Minds Matter is committed to building a world where no teen dies by suicide. We’re proud to partner with the District of Columbia Public School System, the AAKOMA Project and our other allies to promote this important discussion. 

Be sure to follow our social media for more on our Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller mental health panel and other ways we show love for Black History Month this February.

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