Holiday Meeting

Westfield Minds Matter graciously invited us to attend their holiday club meeting. They used a Jamboard to anonymously open up the floor for participants to create sticky notes about how people are really doing these days.

Next, student leaders dove into eating disorders and eating around the holidays. They prefaced this discussion with a trigger warning to let participants know that they are free to take a step away or leave the meeting if feel that that would be the best option for themselves. What followed was a genuine discussion about body image in general and in particular during the holiday season. Here are some of the questions that guided their discussion:

What ensued was an authentic and deep discussion about how body image standards set by society are unrealistic, harmful, and perpetuated by social media. Participants shared some personal experiences and their mindset on body image and cope with feelings during the holidays. Way to go Westfield Minds Matter! You can follow them on Instagram here.

Remember to get some fresh air and eat good food this holiday season. You are more than what your body looks like! Your body does so many wonderful things for you every day – appreciate what your body can do for you!