School-Wide Campaign: Virtual Kindness Week

Woodson Minds Matter held a Virtual Kindness Week to commemorate World Kindness Day which was Friday, November 13th 2020. Each day students and staff dressed in a color to represent different ways to show kindness to others and to one’s self.

Monday – presented colors to wear for the rest of the week on the morning announcements

Tuesday – Blue –  represented calm and relaxation

Wednesday – Pink – represented compassion, both for yourself and for others

Thursday – Red – represented kindness towards one’s own emotions

Friday – Purple – represented kindness towards others

How did they do it? The Thursday prior, they announced Kindness Week to celebrate World Kindness Day on the morning announcements. The Friday before, teachers made an announcement after the pledge to remind students about Kindness Week and read a blurb about World Kindness Day. Throughout the week, teachers and students had the opportunity to start small conversations during their classes relating to each color and topic.

Way to go Woodson Minds Matter for having such a creative school-wide campaign centered around spreading kindness! Follow them on Instagram here.